Congratulations to John Roshone, 2021 Metro Secondary Educator of the Year

John Roshone, Mount Michael Benedictine School, Elkhorn, NE

  • Respected
  • Revered
  • Advocate
  • Selfless
  • Role model

These are just a few of the words Mount Michael students, parents and colleagues use to describe John Roshone who leads the school’s Social Studies department while teaching AP and standard U.S. history to juniors and AP European history to seniors. In addition to teaching history, John has served as assistant residential dean, assistant basketball coach, head varsity basketball coach and has organized the junior class retreat.

A 1999 graduate of Mount Michael and a faculty member since 2004, John said he is “so grateful that I can give back to the school that gave me so much,” said Dave Peters, Head of School.

Students describe John as a tough, yet gifted teacher who makes history come to life. “His unique, interactive teaching style is second to none,” said former student Jacob Idra. “Effortlessly, he demands every student’s attention as he eloquently turns history lessons into riveting stories.”

Former student, Temilolowa Adeyemo, agreed. “Mr. Roshone is the most passionate, caring and effective teacher that I have had, both in high school and at Stanford University,” he said. “He opened my eyes to the joys of history, showing me that learning about the past can be the most efficient way to build a sustainable future.”

John especially enjoys helping run the junior retreat because it gives him an opportunity to share his faith and experiences not only as a teacher but as a husband and a father. “Hopefully in my years at Mount Michael I have acted as a role model for them and someone they can emulate.”

“One of the biggest impacts John has on Mount Michael students, all of whom are boys, is that he exemplifies how to be a man. He shows that he is caring, assertive as a leader, and puts his faith and family first,” said Matt Coghill, former student and current student teacher.

John has a bachelor’s in secondary education and a master’s in history from University of Nebraska at Omaha. He and his wife, Katy, have three children–Charlotte, Daniel and Elizabeth—who all attend St. Bernard Catholic School.


John is part of a larger group of eight educators the Archdiocese of Omaha honors each year. The annual event helps us recognize and reward the impact of our local educators, celebrate Catholic education and raise important scholarship dollars for tuition assistance that helps make tuition accessible and affordable for many more families across our community.

Please join us in person or for the Virtual Experience for this year’s Archbishop’s Dinner for Education on September 23