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Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools

Diversity and Equity Committee Mission Statement

The Diversity and Equity Committee is committed to supporting all of our Omaha Archdiocese Catholic schools in their endeavor toward inclusive school and parish communities.

We will assist our Catholic parishes and schools in the continued growth and development of safe and supportive environments that welcome all and protect human dignity.

We aid and educate Catholic leaders and teachers in developing inclusive spaces that support spiritual growth, embrace the diverse and create equitable environments that will prepare students for life in a diverse society.

Our vision

Dignity of the human person is a foundational teaching of the Catholic Church. The Diversity and Equity Committee honors the uniqueness of every person in our communities. We embrace diverse backgrounds, and as Catholics; we envision that every person be welcomed, loved and valued in our communities. We achieve this by providing nurturing authentic school-family-parish-community partnerships that establish environments and experiences that support the whole person.

Our Catholic schools strive to be communities of trust and collaboration, increasing our capacity to fight against inequity; empowering students, parents, educators and community members to share their voice in contribution to a spiritually enlightened, physically safe, emotionally healthy, and just community for all.

Diversity & Equity Committee Leadership Team

Thank you to these educators for their work

Since the 2019-2020 school year, our committee has gathered to examine the commonalities and differences between many different groups represented within our Catholic schools, with the goal of generating understanding across our community as it relates to various identities, interests and beliefs.

Tracey Kovar
Assistant Superintendent


Mike Jensen
Principal, Sacred Heart Elementary School


Tanya Murray
Principal, Holy Name Catholic School


Archdiocese of Omaha Student Race and Ethnicity Rates

Based on current 2021-2022 school year data from the NCEA report of our 18,820 total students across our 70 schools. Please contact our office for a full break down of data.

White students account for 84.03% of this year's student population, varying by school.
Also to note, 14% of our overall student body identifies as non-Catholic, and students of all faith backgrounds are accepted and welcomed into our schools.

Native American
Two or more races
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
Unknown race

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