Readiness Checklist

As a resource for you, here are some considerations as you decide the educational path for your child.

Early childhood education is important in our Catholic schools. In fact, data shows that kindergarten students who attend preschool perform at or above grade level when compared to peers who did not. Our Catholic schools have preschool through 12th grade options, with some on site daycare center options before age 3 also available.

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Is your child ready for preschool? Kindergarten?

It's an important decision for any family. Regardless of whether your child attended a preschool program, check out this list of things to know.

Our 70 Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools focus on a whole-child approach to learning, working with each student to meet his or her needs - academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

We believe a positive early childhood education will shape a child’s attitude toward education, and we work to ensure nurturing environments where young children can thrive.

Prayers for Early Childhood Age Students

Faith is a part of all we do

Adults at home can work with younger children and especially practice the following Catholic prayers:

Sign of the Cross
Glory Be Prayer
Hail Mary
Meal prayers
Guardian Angel prayer
Introduction of the Rosary

Our schools welcome students of all faith backgrounds. Our educators will instruct and model Catholic social teachings for all.


How else can families work together to improve  preschool and kindergarten readiness skills?

In advance of the transition into the school environment:

  • Offer child an increase of tasks such as getting themselves dressed, sole toileting responsibilities, preparing food and feeding self
  • Encourage child to socialize with other children their age
  • Read aloud together as often as possible to prepare them for sitting and listening to stories
  • Talk about what the experience and rules of the school will be like to prepare the child's expectations for the day - how they will ask to go to the bathroom, sit down in a circle as a group, etc.
  • Practice fine motor skills with your child - holding and using a writing instrument, working with small toys and objects and more

Parents know their children best. And our schools value the partnerships with parents. If you're curious to talk to our office or any of our Catholic school principals with specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via contact form below.


Ready to set up a tour of one of our Catholic schools? We offer preschool through 12th grade education for 23 different counties in northeast Nebraska. We can't wait to meet you!

"I love knowing that I am helping in making a difference for children in their faithful journey with God. I feel Catholic education is important because students are learning to serve others and set goals that challenge them to strive towards excellence. I want to provide endless opportunities for my students and by providing them a Catholic Education will allow them to know anything is possible with God! "
—  Miss Hannah Kessenich, Kindergarten Teacher