Everyday Evangelization: the “life changing” experience of Catholic education

This story is being featured as part of our ongoing series that highlights how Catholic schools can be centers for evangelization. We’re proud to work with 71 schools as they live out the mission statement of the Archdiocese of Omaha in encountering Jesus, equipping disciples, and living mercy.

“Catholic education has been life-changing for us.” – Monica Taylor

Monica is a mom with children who attend/attended St. Pius X/St. Leo School.  A few years ago, she was a stay-at-home mom who wanted Catholic education for her children but assumed she couldn’t afford the tuition while also staying at home. Then she saw a yard sign in front of her parish that advertised a new welcome tuition discount for public school transfer students. She took the next step, called to talk to the school principal and her priest, who were able to make the Catholic school experience affordable for her family.

Immediately, her oldest son, who was reserved in personality, thrived in the smaller classroom setting and achieved top academic honors in his time there before graduating.

“My middle son started Catholic school in third grade and fit right in. My youngest is a first grader. We haven’t looked back,” she said.

Monica is a life-long Catholic who actually attended St. Pius X/St. Leo School herself. Even so, Monica said her faith has been further strengthened through sending her children to Catholic schools.  And not just her faith—Monica’s husband is currently going through RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) and is set to be baptized this Easter.

“My husband would go to Mass with us but not completely understand the meaning of everything. Now, we go to Mass every Sunday as a family, and my parents come, too. Faith is a much larger part of our lives now,” she said.

This is all coming after one her son’s came home from school one day and asked, “why don’t we just all go to Mass this week?” and she shrugged, which started their journey into a deeper faith life.

She also shared many stories of her son bringing home what he learned about Catholic teachings and sacraments during the day and asking his parents their thoughts, spurring many a reflective conversation and bringing this family unit even closer together.

Monica now works for the school as well.

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