Get to Know: Tamyiah Nielsen, Holy Cross 8th grader

Your stories are important to us. We love to get to know YOU and what you love about your schools and your Catholic faith. Read on for a Q&A feature highlighting Holy Cross eighth grader Tamyiah Nielsen.


Q: How does learning and talking about your faith every day feel?

A: Being able to learn my faith every day makes me feel lucky. Learning about my faith really helps me understand who God is and it teaches me how to deepen my relationship with Him.

Q: What are some ways you express your faith in your life at school and at home?

A: My faith is very important to my life. My favorite way to express my faith is through prayer. I enjoy prayer because it’s my favorite way of communicating with Him.

Q: What do you like most about Holy Cross and why?

A: My favorite thing about Holy Cross is how to teachers want to make sure every student is successful. All the teachers are able to help you with your work during lunch, Falcon Hour, or after school.

Q: What is your favorite class? Why?

A: My favorite class is History. Not only because it’s my personal favorite, but I really enjoy how we play games and do fun activities to learn about a chapter or a section; it really helps me learn the information faster.

Q: Do you know where you are going to high school?

A: Yes, I will be attending Marian High School this Fall. I chose Marian because it is a great fit and I can strengthen my faith even more.

Q: Can you tell us a unique fact about yourself?

A: I was the only Catholic recipient to receive the first annual “Lead Like a Girl” Award out of 21 other girls.

To Tamyiah and all your fellow Holy Cross Falcons: Good luck as you finish out your school year and transition into high school. Your future is bright!


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