New Year Intention

January 7, 2019 // Written by Chris Nelson, Executive Director of the Omaha Catholic School Consortium

I am proud to be part of our Consortium Schools.  Over the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of being in the classrooms in four of our schools.  One of the things that has been most moving to me is the opportunity to witness prayer in those rooms.  I have seen the students pray at the beginning of class, offer intentions for those they love, pray before meals, and say a decade of the Rosary.  It is such a blessing for the staff of our schools to get to be part of such a special and holy part of your child’s life.  We are truly blessed to partner with you in the faith development of your children.  In many of our classrooms, we have set aside a specific prayer corner/area and put a bible or prayer, a crucifix, picture, or statue on a table.  Teachers have modeled how the students can use the space and the items on the table.

This practice could easily be done in our homes.  Gathering at the ‘Nelson Family Prayer Corner’ can be a rewarding experience.  If it would be a new opportunity for your family, start small by listening to a song, saying a decade of the rosary, or thanking God for the gifts in your life.  As you grow in comfort, and as your children grow in age, there are many opportunities to provide even deeper connections.

Stormie Omartian, Christian author says it well, “You don’t have to be a perfect parent, but you do need to be a praying parent.”  This month, will you join me in working toward praying more as a family?

From the Catholic Schools Office:

Catholic identity is a focus in our schools, as evident in the following quotes provided by students this year:

I love Holy Cross is because we go to mass every week and on Holy days.” — Maggie, 4th grade

I like how at reconciliation you can say what you’ve done and all of your sins and then God lifts the bad away and everything is new.”  Libby, 2nd grade

I go to church every Sunday.  I never miss it.  I get to go twice a week at school and that is super awesome.  My family is super religious and we pray together as a family all the time.  We say the rosary and other prayers.  We like to pray when something bad happens in our family or in the world that God will help them.  This is how I am being raised.” – Lucia, 8th grade

Educators: In what ways do you incorporate prayer in your classrooms?

Parents & students: What is one thing you’re doing now in your prayer life to share with someone else? What is one thing you’d like to try differently?

Happy New Year! Keep us posted on your prayer resolutions and intentions.