Simply Christmas


It’s holiday time, you’re not in the mood.

The pushing, the shoving, the people are rude.

You dress for the cold, then get over hot.

You try to be cheerful, but find that you’re not.


You’d hoped to start early and make it a cinch.

Instead now you’re scrambling and feel like the Grinch!

This gift costs too much, they’re fresh out of that.

Now, where did your keys go?  You’ve just lost your hat!


Your feet hurt, you’re tired, the kids start to cry.

They won’t pose with Santa, they’re scared of that guy!

You’ve just stood in line for an hour or more,

To pay for an item that’s cheaper next door!


You drag yourself out and you look for your car.

When you parked there this morning, it wasn’t that far!

You buckle the kids in, and then bump your head.

You turn the ignition, the battery’s dead!


At last you get home and you make some hot tea.

You put your feet up and you gaze at the tree.

You lift up your eyes to the star at the top.

The meaning behind it makes all the hurt stop.


A calm overcomes you, a feeling of peace. 

That over rushed feeling has started to cease.

Your eyes start to soften, they’re no longer wild

As they gaze at the Manger and Beautiful Child.


Your heart fills with love and your eyes start to tear.

The meaning of Christmas has come through quite clear.

God’s love can’t be bought at a store in the Mall.

Little Jesus, His Son, is His gift to us all.


Cathy Hull Hart©1998


Cathy, author of this poem, is an employee of the Archdiocese of Omaha.