Message from our Superintendent of Omaha Catholic Schools

Revised as of July 2022

Welcome Back to School

Dear Catholic School Families,

Very shortly, Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Omaha will open their doors and welcome students for the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. The anticipation that builds up over the short and fleeting summer days comes to an abrupt halt when those doors open each new year. We are thrilled to get down to the business of Catholic education throughout our 70 schools. With many new faces and responsibilities — and thankfully, many returning faces of dedicated faculty, administrators, and staff — our students are greeted with the joy and commitment of an amazing team of exceptional educators who chose Catholic schools to carry out their mission of teaching while sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. 

 Catholic schools are places where students and families become members of a faith community that is enveloped in the love of God.  This element of faith is what sets our schools apart because we have the privilege of teaching, learning and discussing our Catholic faith. Our students have the opportunity to learn in an environment where spiritual development permeates everything we do, resulting in a deepening of values that will last a lifetime. 

My thanks to parents for preparing your children to begin a new school year. Your commitment to choosing one of our Catholic schools is appreciated. We believe that, as parents, you are the first teachers of your child. You have shaped early lessons in life that are rooted in our faith and instilled in the young minds and hearts of our students.  

 To all students, families, teachers and staff, school leaders, pastors, benefactors -  all who contribute daily to the lives of our young people who attend our Catholic schools; may your year be richly blessed. 



Vickie Kauffold 

Superintendent of Schools

Archdiocese of Omaha