Update from our Superintendent of Omaha Catholic Schools

Revised as of August 19, 2021

Welcome Back to School

Dear Catholic School Parents, 

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to the endeavor of providing a Catholic education to your children. 

These past 18 months have been challenging for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and health officials.  All of us hoped the 21-22 school year would be a return to something better than normal.  However, the current level of concern around the COVID-19 Delta variant requires us to make some decisions that we were not anticipating just a few months ago.   

As the school year begins, each school will make decisions around how to best manage the circumstances in their school community.  You can expect these decisions will vary from school to school due of the unique differences of each school.  Each school’s plans will continue to change and evolve with guidance from local health officials as they monitor the impact of the virus.  

What I know to be true is this: our pastors, school leaders, and teachers care deeply about their schools and the students who attend them.  They have demonstrated unwavering dedication to ensure your children receive a quality Catholic education when this pandemic began, and they are determined to stay true to that commitment.  For their dedication, I am eternally grateful.

We are partners in your child’s education, and I ask you to have faith and trust in the school leadership, to show civility to others who may not have the same viewpoint as you on how to best manage these circumstances, and to model merciful compassion for all our children.

We thank you for your continued support of our schools and our mission - to create disciples of Jesus who will go out and proclaim the Gospel.  Know that your Catholic school community is in our prayers.


Vickie Kauffold 

Superintendent of Schools

Archdiocese of Omaha