Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from the Catholic Schools Office!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2022!

We are so grateful to all Catholic school educators at all 70 of our schools, who make our schools the special places they are.

A message for teachers, from Vickie Kauffold, Superintendent of Catholic Schools:

Think about the students who have entered your classroom – the exceptionally talented students, the shy, the funny, confident or insecure students.
I’m sure you can recall the names and faces of a good number of your former students and feel pride in what they have accomplished since their time in your classroom. You have touched each of their lives in profound ways. You have a significant hand in the formation of your students.

Not just the intellectual formation, but the social and emotional formation. Beyond that and even more importantly is the moral and faith formation of your students – preparing them to be disciples of Christ. This is important work we do, our vocation is a unique calling that not all are equipped for.

Thank you for choosing the vocation of education and for choosing to fulfill that vocation in a Catholic school. The work we do in Catholic Schools matters. Never underestimate the influence you have on the lives and souls of the children who pass through your classroom. I want you to know how much I value and appreciate what you do each and every day. May God Bless you abundantly for your labors in our schools.


P.S. If you haven’t heard the announcement of the 2022 Educators of the Year, check out the list of names on the Archdiocesan website.