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Christian Tripp


"Our family has had the gift of a Holy Cross education for many generations. We are blessed to continue the tradition of raising our family in a supportive, catholic community. Holy Cross continues to provide a healthy learning environment centered around God and the sacraments."

Jason Heithold


"We are sending our children to St. Mary's School because we like the small school environment and the emphasis on educating the whole person rather than JUST academics. By the whole person I mean faith, family, community and moral development as well as a great academic education. I like that we are surrounding our kids with people that have similiar values and a desire to better their children through an education at St. Mary's School." -Wayne, NE

Andy and Casey Hurner


“We chose St. Mary’s for smaller class sizes within a family oriented atmosphere. The strong focus on caring for others through faith and service is not always prevalent in schools, but is a strong focus for everyone at St. Mary’s. We continue to be encouraged by the academic growth we see in our children as well. However, most importantly, our children want to go to school each day.”

Lilee Surdell-Eichten


I loved Holy Cross very much and it will hold a special place in my heart forever. The friends I made are marvelous and I hope we stay in touch for many years to come. Holy Cross was an academic stepping stone for high school. It did just that. Mercy High School is a college prep school and I believe it will prepare me for college from how much I have learned in such a short time. High school has been hard but with what Holy Cross has given me I am successfully finding my footing."

Erin Buglewicz


"At my former school, Our Lady of Lourdes, I loved how kind the teachers were and the opportunities given to enhance our academics, creativity, and faith, through clubs and all-school Masses. It gave me the foundations that I needed for Catholic high school."

Connor Foster


"Learning and talking about faith every day makes me feel grateful because I know it's no like that at all schools."

Alex Buescher


"Being able to learn and talk about my faith is important to me because I get to use my faith to help me figure out answers to life questions."

Kayleigh Hoffman


"I love going to a Catholic school because I feel students here receive more opportunities. The teachers and staff prepare us for the difficult things that may happen in life. All the students and staff are so kind and will do almost anything to help each other. Catholic schools teach us that with God anything is possible."