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Christian Tripp


"Our family has had the gift of a Holy Cross education for many generations. We are blessed to continue the tradition of raising our family in a supportive, catholic community. Holy Cross continues to provide a healthy learning environment centered around God and the sacraments."

Jason Heithold


"We are sending our children to St. Mary's School because we like the small school environment and the emphasis on educating the whole person rather than JUST academics. By the whole person I mean faith, family, community and moral development as well as a great academic education. I like that we are surrounding our kids with people that have similiar values and a desire to better their children through an education at St. Mary's School." -Wayne, NE

Colin Hogan

Parent, St. Vincent de Paul (Omaha)

My wife and I each attended Catholic Colleges and I a Jesuit High School, neither of us had any experience attending a Catholic grade or middle school. Since enrolling our children in SVdP our faith in God has grown at an alluring pace through a myriad of small gestures. Parents and teachers have let us know how they were grateful we enrolled our children and simply said it out loud. Their joy came from within their own happiness that we were going to be a part of something with them they truly loved. So, we as a family became more open about talking about our own faith with others outside of SVdP, sparking a fire in us, and only those who genuinely wanted to listen. Most importantly we learned our faith is not about creating these huge holy moments, faithfulness came from small things. Some of the holiest people walked amongst us completely anonymous, nobody knew about their great deeds, and they would have just passed through our lives without ever knowing them. Thankfully we do know some of them now. Most of the holiest people that have ever walked on this earth no one knows about, luckily, we have met some at SVdP. Had we not become closer with our church they would have humbly passed through our lives. From the beginning the people of SVdP have been extremely welcoming, opening up their community, lives, and homes in a very true Christian way.

Andy and Casey Hurner


“We chose St. Mary’s for smaller class sizes within a family oriented atmosphere. The strong focus on caring for others through faith and service is not always prevalent in schools, but is a strong focus for everyone at St. Mary’s. We continue to be encouraged by the academic growth we see in our children as well. However, most importantly, our children want to go to school each day.”

Lilee Surdell-Eichten


I loved Holy Cross very much and it will hold a special place in my heart forever. The friends I made are marvelous and I hope we stay in touch for many years to come. Holy Cross was an academic stepping stone for high school. It did just that. Mercy High School is a college prep school and I believe it will prepare me for college from how much I have learned in such a short time. High school has been hard but with what Holy Cross has given me I am successfully finding my footing."

Erin Buglewicz


"At my former school, Our Lady of Lourdes, I loved how kind the teachers were and the opportunities given to enhance our academics, creativity, and faith, through clubs and all-school Masses. It gave me the foundations that I needed for Catholic high school."

Connor Foster


"Learning and talking about faith every day makes me feel grateful because I know it's no like that at all schools."

Alex Buescher


"Being able to learn and talk about my faith is important to me because I get to use my faith to help me figure out answers to life questions."

Kayleigh Hoffman


"I love going to a Catholic school because I feel students here receive more opportunities. The teachers and staff prepare us for the difficult things that may happen in life. All the students and staff are so kind and will do almost anything to help each other. Catholic schools teach us that with God anything is possible."

Kelsey Lytle


What I enjoyed about SJS (St. James/Seton School) was the teachers. They always made a connection with each student and made the classroom experience fun! It was awesome to come back recently and have countless teachers remember me and ask how my life is going!!!

Kelly and Dan Houghton


We enrolled our daughters in St. Vincent de Paul School and are pleased with our decision. There is nothing better than our children coming home from school being excited about their faith, their education, and the community that surrounds them. Our parish, school and community are very important to us. Bringing them all together has enriched our lives and the lives of our children.

Lisa and Josh Mlnarik


O’Neill St. Mary’s School has changed our lives for the better. Deciding to move our 5 kids to a new school at the ages of 11-9-7-5-4 was a HUGE decision requiring a lot of contemplation, hand-wringing and prayer. But, it’s proven to be the RIGHT decision. Our children are now in a school community that promotes the Catholic Religion. They are safe!! I don’t worry every single day about their welfare and safety. They are well cared for by adults that truly protect and love them. The staff at St. Mary’s look out for our kids like their own; Ensuring that our children are developing into the best versions of themselves by exemplifying Catholic values and characteristics. The “little things” are NOT overlooked ensuring that the “big things” won’t be overlooked either! Not to mention the education that they are getting! Our children are pushed and encouraged to do the best they can and to grow academically. There is a REAL push to prepare them for the world after HS, to prepare them for higher education and careers! Our children are with leaders that recognize the power of prayer and the importance of Catholic mass. They are taught to look out for those around them that are in need of help, love and support. My husband and I teach our children to look out for the under-dog or those at risk of being bullied/marginalized in society. Now we are at a school that is consistent with the values we teach in our home. St. Mary’s has provided us with PEACE.

Isaac Heng

Student, St. Cecilia Cathedral School

"I've attended St. Cecilia's for nearly a decade - since pre-kindergarten. We have a great advanced curriculum and a faculty that has helped me to learn important skills. This Catholic education has also helped me to serve - at Church, in the parish, and around school. I myself am involve in the school play, basketball, and the Cathedral Choice. It feels great to be able to have such a huge part in our school's life and set an example for younger students to see how we can serve our families, churches and communities. Being depended upon by younger children gives us a hard-to-explain will to persever and continue working through life's daily challenges.

Parent, St. Matthew Catholic School

We have been blessed with the opportunity to have our children attend this school. The principal, teachers, and staff are all professional, courteous, and most of all, caring. Our son and daughter are well-loved by their classmates and teachers, which puts us, as parents, at ease knowing that our children are in the right hands.