PLEASE NOTE: Each one of our 70 schools is able to create its own policy regarding severe weather related school closings and/or delayed start times different from what's below.

Ensure that your family is aware of how the school at which you're enrolled will handle weather delays and closings. You should also ensure your most updated contact information is on file with the school so you are receiving not only school closing notices, but all other notifications and announcements sent to families.

Our office knows the uncertainty of planning for days off school due to weather can be tough for families. What you can expect from the Catholic Schools Office:

  • An announcement regarding school delay or closing will be posted to local Omaha TV stations by 6 a.m. at the latest, on the day in question, and typically listed as "Omaha Catholic Schools."
    • This is done as a courtesy and convenience to school administrators, but occasionally, individual schools do choose to notify local radio and TV stations so you may see some listed separately in news outlet listings.
  • Traditionally, we will announce a closure/delay if Omaha Public Schools does so.
    • We recognize some of our schools, even in the Omaha Metro Area, reside in other school districts, such as Papillion-La Vista, Ralston, Bellevue, Westside District 66, Millard, Elkhorn and others. Not all of the districts may choose to close, depending on their own protocols. Your Catholic School Principal should tell you ahead of time which district and which message to follow for your building.
  • Our social media channels may or may not feature the school closing message
    • We make every effort to keep our feeds up-to-date, but with so many schools in 23 different counties, we may choose to post a generic message directing families to their schools' pages for updates so as to prevent confusion.

Vickie Kauffold, superintendent of Catholic schools, collaborates with many other professionals in the community, including other local school districts, prior to announcing a decision for the Metro Area Omaha schools. While our schools do not utilize bus transportation, student and family safety is our top priority on severe weather days.

Some schools have partnered with community organizations to provide childcare during school breaks and/or closings. You are welcome to ask your school office if this is a possibility. Planning ahead is key. Prayers for a winter with limited school closings!


Message from the Superintendent:

The decision to call a snow day is not one that is made lightly. The safety of all in our school communities is my first concern. I will be in communication with other school districts around the metro area as well as personnel at the National Weather Service in Valley. We will consider the following:

  • when the snow is expected to begin
  • when it is expected to end
  • the amount of snow that will fall
  • the line of the storm
  • if there is wind
  • if there is a layer of ice below the snow
  • the time of day all of this comes together

As you know, Nebraska weather is unpredictable. There will be times when the conditions in Bellevue area may be better or worse that conditions in central Omaha or even out in Elkhorn, making a uniform decision more challenging. When the call to have a snow day is made, please refer to local TV stations and our social media accounts linked below. The announcement will say "Omaha Catholic Schools- Closed" which will include our schools in the Elkhorn, Ralston, Papillion, and Bellevue areas as well as Omaha.

There could be times when most of the Omaha Metro will be safe for schools to stay in session but a pocket of schools within a particular area of the city will experience concerning conditions. Your school leaders will communicate with you directly if just your school will need to close due to those weather conditions.

Omaha Public Schools may choose to announce a late start. However, I will not call for the Catholic schools as a whole to have a late start. If your school chooses to use a late start schedule, they will send that information directly to you through established channels of communication.

As a parent or guardian, if you feel conditions make transportation unsafe, you have a right to communicate with the school and keep your children safe at home.

Thank you for your continued support for our Catholic schools. I ask for your prayers and charity when the time comes to make these difficult decisions.

Sincerely In Christ,

Vickie Kauffold

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