Welcome Grants

There's a place for your child.

At Catholic school, our mission is to awaken the God-given greatness in each child by teaching to the heart as well as the mind. We created the Welcome Tuition Grant program to bring this mission to as many children as possible. These grants are available to any public, private (non-Catholic) or home school student who transfers into one of the participating Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic schools.

Welcome Tuition Grant Details

  • Dispersed over the course of two years: $1,000 in year one and $500 in year two*
  • Available in select schools and select grades as determined at each school for new students entering first through seventh grade for the upcoming school year
  • Awarded per student, so a family with multiple qualifying children may receive multiple grants*
  • On average, the grant for year one represents a 30-40% tuition discount
  • Details may vary by individual school

Numerous Grants Available

*Limitations may be applied to grants so as not to exceed this offer, as tuition rates vary by school. This website is updated periodically and may not reflect closed grades for grant offering.



"Welcome tuition grants offer families the opportunity to experience, for the first time, the benefits of a Catholic education; it is a great opportunity to develop a new partnership as we work together to help their children grow spiritually, behaviorally and academically. Schools benefit as well; they have the opportunity to boost the enrollment of a particular grade and bring new families into the school family."
- Chris Nelson, Executive Director, Omaha Catholic School Consortium