Discover the Light

A Catholic school is a special place

Academic achievement in the classroom alone does not define success. Catholic schools provide loving and faith-filled environments where quality educators illuminate minds and enlighten lives.

Your child will be uniquely enriched by a more complete, whole-child education.

#DiscovertheLight in your child by choosing a learning environment that’s safe, welcoming and Christ-centered.

“Our family is so happy that we chose to attend St. Bernadette the past two years. It has been a wonderful place…and such a wonderful faith community. Thank you for being amazing and awesome in every way!”
—  Miranda M.,   Parent

Developing Higher Achievers

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Academic success is a defining outcome of a Catholic education. High expectations are set for all students from day one. Respect, accountability and confidence are the foundation from which our students act and excel. Hard work and service to others is also embedded into the curriculum, helping equip our community with future leaders and disciples.



The Catholic School Experience


Children and their families in our communities will know and live according to the teachings of Jesus. An investment in a values-based, Christ-focused education is an investment in the future.


Curiosity is encouraged, and intellectual excellence and academic achievement abound. In our Catholic schools, faith isn't just a part of the classroom teachings, it is the reason for our existence and the foundation for everything we do and say. Faith is integrated into all subjects.

Faith is found on playing fields, taught through service trips and realized in daily interactions students have with the caring adults that are present to guide them.


Catholic school graduates demonstrate morality, respect, compassion and love for the world in which we live.

That's because students in our schools benefit from a loving and safe learning environment. Our 70 schools across northeast Nebraska prioritize safety and security of students. When your child feels cared for, they are able to enjoy a high quality, faith-filled education.


Service to God and others is a main focus of Catholic social teaching and of our Catholic school curriculum. Staff instill a sense of service and commitment to make the communities we serve better.


MCS is the band program for children in grades 5-8 in the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools.

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Word of Honor

Honoring our Commitment to Children