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We believe that all families who want to provide their children with a Catholic education should have the opportunity. Financial aid is available from a number of private and parish-based programs including grants, endowments, and reductions in tuition based on each individual's needs.

Average Tuition Cost


Without financial assistance, the average monthly payment is about $240 per month per child.

High School

Without financial assistance, the average monthly payment is about $950 per month per child.


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Welcome Tuition Grants Now Available

At Catholic school, our mission is to awaken the God-given greatness in each child by teaching to the heart as well as the mind. We created the Welcome Tuition Grant program to bring this mission to as many children as possible. These grants are available to any public, private (non-Catholic) or home school student who transfers into one of the participating Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic schools.

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The Children's Scholarship Fund Omaha

The Children's Scholarship Fund Omaha is an independent organization that provides financial aid options for qualifying families. This fund is available for students ranging in age from kindergarten to 8th grade.

For more information on this scholarship please visit the Children's Scholarship Fund Omaha website:


More than $10 million in financial aid was awarded last year to families throughout northeast Nebraska.

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Catholic school may be one of the best investments you ever make for your family. When you call or visit a Catholic School, please ask about tuition assistance programs. Please use the contact form to request additional information on financial aid or call the Superintendent of Schools at (402) 557-5600.