Catholic School Educator of the Year 2020- Special Education and Inner City – Mrs. Brodin

Congratulations to Mrs. Kortney Brodin from All Saints Catholic School in Omaha! She’s one of eight honorees who will be celebrated at the Archbishop’s Dinner for Education on September 24.

“Everyday at All Saints is an opportunity,” said Mrs. Brodin.

She has been teaching at All Saints for 20 years. Over the years, she has taught in many capacities, including preschool, librarian, Title One and now kindergarten teacher for the past six years.

Mrs. Brodin has even served as Religious Education director and teacher for the parish.

“During religion class I love to have the students role play the Bible stories. They love getting to dress the part and carry the items that where used in the stories. I always feel like they really understand the meaning of the story in actions. Getting to share my faith with my students on a daily basis is very fulfilling. As a religious education teacher it is enlightening to share the Catholic Faith with third, fourth and fifth graders from several schools around the city on Wednesday evenings.”

Students will often tells Mrs. Brodin she’s silly. She enjoys those moments as it means students learn new concepts in a fun way.

“Everyday, I see what a unique gift from God my students are! I am a kid at heart, and that’s why I always tell people I have the greatest job.”

* * *

If you’d like to help Mrs. Brodin celebrate, feel free to send a video with your own congratulations and/or sharing a story of impact. Videos will be played during the virtual event.

She is part of a larger group of educators the Archdiocese of Omaha honors each year. The annual event helps us recognize and reward the impact of our local educators, celebrate Catholic education and raise important scholarship dollars for tuition assistance.