Catholic Schools Planning for Fall 2020

June 18, 2020

A message from Dr. Michael Ashton, Superintendent of Catholic Schools:

This summer, I have been awed and humbled by the continued determination to do whatever it takes to open our doors wide to welcome this new and different school year.

My message today does not include a complete plan. As new learning emerges about the virus almost daily, that new information informs our best practices.

Courage, guided by hope, will enable us to maintain high expectations for achievement, spiritual formation and service for our students.

Our Catholic Schools Office is working closely with school leaders from across our 23 counties to unify fundamental plans for facilities, safety, wellness, schedule options, assessments, grading, instruction and technology. We have been in weekly consultation with our county health officials, the department of education and our public school partners. By the end of this month, we will lock in basic archdiocesan protocols.

As a decentralized district, each of our Catholic schools will then bring together its own teams of educators and other experts to build specific plans for their local context.

We believe masks will need to be used in various ways, separation between students and staff will be applied, and even our routine and schedules might have to adjust suddenly to changing viral conditions. We predict interruptions and even periods of closure. But have no doubt, Catholic education will still be where we encounter Christ together, learn together, and serve together in communities that are welcoming, rigorous and loving.

Please continue to join us in prayer for families who are suffering sickness, wage loss, and other financial hardships.

Thank you for your support of our Catholic schools.