Character Development

Greater Expectations and Accountability

In many schools, discipline is equated to rules and regulations. In Catholic education, the notion of “discipline” is multifaceted, going beyond just the application of behavioral expectations. Our schools and our culture both develop Christian character in every student. Rigorous expectations and formal structures to promote self-discipline are integral components of our school communities.


The goals of student discipline programs at Catholic school:

  • To promote in each student the growth of character, integrity and service to others as modeled by Jesus Christ.

  • To guide each student's growth in respect for others, as well as the rights and property of others and those rights and property held in common.

  • To increase in each student the self-discipline trait of personal responsibility.

  • To afford students a school-learning environment where they are free to learn, grow and change confidently.

  • To maintain a productive, undisruptive learning environment.

  • Honesty, Respect, Kindness

Discipline in Catholic education builds character, confidence, self-esteem, and respect.


The expectations for every student at Catholic school:

  • Treat every person with respect and dignity.

  • Always use appropriate language to represent oneself and our school in the best possible way.

  • Respect the property of others.

  • Work cooperatively with others.

  • Resolve conflicts in a peaceable and mature manner.

  • Cooperate with members of the school staff.

  • Attend all scheduled class and study sessions.

  • Act honestly and with integrity.

  • Act as good stewards of the gifts God has given us, chiefly by making moral decisions about the care of one's body and the material resources held personally and in common.

  • Follow the rules of the school and seek redress for any alleged grievances through appropriate means.

  • Follow the civil laws of the community, state, and nation.

  • Accept responsibility for one's actions at all times and act responsibly so as to protect the safety and well-being of others.

  • Know and apply the rules of the school.

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