Skutt Catholic High School Students Wins Pro-Life Essay Award

Congratulations to Skutt Catholic High School junior Eleanor Grosvenor!

She was awarded the Nebraskans Embracing Life March For Life scholarship at their annual awards banquet last month for her essay titled “Why I am Pro-Life.”

In the essay, she states she is pro-life because:

“I am for life. It is as simple as that. When you look at the data and look beyond the data, into your heart, it’s obvious that this monstrous act must come to an end. My parents raised me pro-life. My schools have formed me into a pro-life young person. Without these influences, would I have seen the controversial moral issue sitting right under our noses every day? Would I have made a stand as I do today against the abortion industry and all those who deem this act moral and right? I guess we’ll never know and I am thankful for that. These are the very reasons I march for life. To show all the young people that this is our movement. That this is an issue that needs our input and immediate attention.”

Eleanor says the March for Life is a great way to bring attention to this issue and “protest this direct violation of basic human rights happening in our country.”

skutt catholic student with two senators

Pictured here with Eleanor (middle) are two of the Nebraska State senators who authored the new LB 933, 781, and 1086: Joni Albrecht (left) and Rita Sanders (right).

Catholic high school students like those at Skutt Catholic and elsewhere in the Archdiocese of Omaha benefit from an education that focuses of serving others. Students learn the value of living mercy and having compassion for others.

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