Words from our Superintendent: 2 years later

The Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools Office is blessed to have Dr. Michael Ashton as superintendent of schools. Dr. Ashton works to ensure our schools have strong partnership with other districts and community organizations, all while providing our school leaders with relevant information to help them develop and grow as administrators. And all of this work is in addition to trying to make those tough snow day calls! Here we get to know Dr. Ashton a bit better.

Q. You’ve been superintendent for two years now. What are you most excited about going into the next school year?
A.  Every year we open there are hundreds of families who experience Catholic education for the very first time. Some have never even had the opportunity to choose their child’s school until now. Others have discovered that something they assumed was missing was actually there in a Catholic school in the archdiocese, and that has brought them into our communities. I feel such excitement about their journey, and also about what new perspectives, gifts, and even challenges that they will provide for us so that we all grow together as an apostolate.
Q. How would you describe the value of Catholic education?
A.  The value of Catholic education goes far beyond the high academic and extra-curricular success environment. The unique value includes our daily encounter with Christ, the engagement of the whole family, and the lifelong relationships forged within these schools. Our schools benefit from bringing people together who would normally be separated by the boundaries of neighborhoods, school districts, race and religion.
Q. Can you tell us a unique fact about yourself?
A. Most educators have either taught or been a building principal in elementary or secondary. I have had the privilege to be a teacher in almost every age group, from preschool through 12th grade. I have also been a building administrator for public and Catholic schools, urban and rural settings, with grades ranging from three years old to 12th grade. I love all ages of learning!

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in Omaha?
A.  Spending time with the new friends my wife and I have met, and sharing the unique settings Omaha offers to visiting family and friends, like the zoo, The Old Market, Aksarben, So. 24th, Benson, Blackstone, just to name a few.