Congratulations to our Rural Catholic School Secondary Educator of the Year 2020

It’s no surprise within the Norfolk Catholic community why Mrs. Pam Wieser was recognized as an Archdiocese of Omaha Educator of the year.

Pam has been teaching full-time at Norfolk Catholic High School for 13 years and worked as substitute teacher there for several years prior. She also has experience teaching at the elementary level. 

“My hope was to always help others and myself deepen our relationships with Jesus Christ and help others grow in holiness and ultimately reach heaven. My students knew when they entered my classroom, they were going to be challenged and were expected to give me their very best they could give me that day, because I was going to give them the very best I could give them,” she said.

For the past two years, Pam has served as the school counselor for grades 7-12.

“I want to instill in all of them the importance of being a life-long learner. When they could have that type of growth mindset, they would be successful in life. I want everyone to know they are a beautiful child of God. I feel the best way for them to see that is to make sure I am showing them and telling them – to be God’s instrument.”

Outside of the classroom, Pam has coached students in volleyball and dance as well as serving as advisor for activities such as Yearbook and National Honor Society.

In all her spare time (ha!), Pam said her interests and hobbies include spending time with friends and family, reading, participating in prayer groups and gardening.

* * *

If you’d like to learn more about Mrs. Wieser and/or help her celebrate, please join us for this year’s Archbishop’s Dinner for Education on September 24 – Virtual edition! 

Wieser is part of a larger group of educators the Archdiocese of Omaha honors each year. The annual event helps us recognize and reward the impact of our local educators, celebrate Catholic education and raise important scholarship dollars for tuition assistance.