Dear Baby Jesus….from, St. Philip Neri Catholic School

We always say our Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic schools help shape a student’s character, and that we educate both the heart and mind, keeping faith at the center of all we do. But what does that mean in daily life?

It means that students know and have a relationship with Christ.

It means that they know what’s truly important during the Christmas season.

It means they write letters to Baby Jesus as part of their school day.

Enjoy reading below some of the letters written by St. Philip Neri Catholic School students:

Dear Jesus,
I am very thankful that you came to us to relieve us of our sins. I think that the night that you were born would’ve been the most beautiful sight. I love celebrating your birth, with all of the presents and sharing. You must have been so nervous to be the Savior of all of us. But we are so glad that you were able to save us.
                                Love, a SPN Student
Dear Jesus, I am so thankful that you were born. You have made Christmas amazing. I am grateful that you have answered my prayers.
                                Love, a SPN Student
Dear Jesus, Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I love celebrating your birth every year! Not because of presents but because I get closer to you and to my family. My favorite traditions are making cookies, praying every night, and I just love love Christmas MUSIC! I love going to church on Christmas Eve with the nativity and all the decorations, it just feels so sacred that day. 
Love, a SPN Student
Dear baby Jesus, I’m so excited that you are here to be the King! I’m going to follow your ways and give my life to you. Christmas is my favorite holiday because of family and presents and the decorations. I love that we have family over and just do everything together. What we eat is yummy too. Something we do every year is go to Christmas Eve mass which is so beautiful. I just love everything about Christmas. I am so thankful you came into this world and created me how I am. Being there when you were born must have been the most amazing thing ever!
With so much love, a SPN Student
Welcome baby Jesus! Today is Christmas, it’s a holiday just because of you. We are so happy and thankful for you!

Indeed, we rejoice in you, Lord! Merry Christmas to all who support Catholic education!


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