Dual Language Academy Student Daniel Shines in School

mom and dad with son

“I am very proud of Daniel!” said his father, José Manuel. “My son is so smart!”

Daniel is a first grade student at the Dual Language Academy. This school is the only of its kind in Omaha, bringing together both English and Spanish speakers to learn and grow together – all within the context of the Catholic faith.

The Dual Language Academy (DLA) is currently in its third school year, with plans to expand and move to a new location, at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, for the 2021-2022 school year.

Thanks to the DLA program, Daniel loves learning. His father said he can see tremendous growth since he started as part of the bilingual program at the DLA.

On the program

“I remember the first day of school meeting Daniel. He was the happiest child for having found such kind children in his new school and a teacher who cared for him from the first day. On that first day, I also remember that he learned to write the names of his parents,” said Lucia Barrantes, staff member at the Dual Language Academy.

“I got to listen to Daniel speak about the Trinitarian nature of God, of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, of the reverence that he shows for the Eucharist and all the prayers that he knows by heart.”

From Daniel himself

When asked what he would want others to know about his story, Daniel said:

“I invite them to come to Catholic schools because here we pray and help each other. We pray before meals like this: ‘The baby Jesus born in Bethlehem bless this table and us as well.'”

Daniel said he loves his teacher, Mrs. Martinez, for welcoming him into the class.  Praying to start the day and going to Mass with classmates was another favorite part of school for Daniel, in addition to practicing math and drawing.

Our office is encouraged about the future when hearing stories like Daniel’s. Catholic schools are forming the next generation of community leaders and disciples of Christ.

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The Dual Language Academy is one of six schools who comprise the Omaha Catholic School Consortium. Its curriculum is unique. Research shows that bilingual students perform better academically, in addition to the many other benefits that come from experiencing a multi-cultural classroom as well as Catholic faith formation. A full Q&A about the specifics of our Dual Language Academy program can be found here.

You can read more on the school and its move to St. Joan of Arc for the future, as featured in the most recent issue of The Catholic Voice.